OKREAL Courses

OKREAL supports women in building an indestructible sense of self-worth, which we believe is foundational to all forms of success in life. Our growing online course collection is designed to help you dene and create your version of fullment, and cultivate the support and resilience you need in order to do so.


Do you want a group of people to help you reach your goals, to further you in life and work? Do you hear the word ‘mentorship’ and know this is something you want, but aren’t sure how to go about it? Aer years of running a leading mentorship program in New York City, we’ve packaged up our exact mentor circle method in an online course on Mentor Circle Mastery: so you can create the community and mentorship you need to help you succeed in life.


The Real Reset packages up all the strategies and methods I’ve used to turn my life around in big ways and small. It includes exercises you can use to build a career of your dreams, to reconnect with yourself, to gure out where to go next when you're stuck—and to remind you how worthy you are of all the things you want in life, and how capable you are of achieving them.