Do you want a group of people to help you reach your goals, to further you in life and work? Do you hear the word ‘mentorship’ and know this is something you want, but aren’t sure how to go about it? After years of running a leading mentorship program in New York City, we’ve packaged up our exact mentor circle method in an online course: so you can create the community and mentorship you need to help you succeed in life.


A mentor circle is an intimate group session that facilitates results-driven conversation between people who are invested in themselves and each other. 5—7, to be exact. We ran our circles for women, but this online mentor circle course is for everyone. This 10 module course walks you through how to put together a circle for a community you’re just starting or a community that already exists.

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Results from our own mentor circles are proof that the more robust and expansive your community is, the higher your chances are for creating opportunity, creating an environment where everyone is invested in your success, and building a foundation of belonging. Whether you’re starting a community from scratch or are running group meet-ups already, this mentor circle course will give you the confidence and tools to offer you and your community the life-changing gift of mentorship.


  • This course is for you if:

    • You want to start a community of your own, using mentor circles as a way of gathering likeminded people together.
    • You’re either leading or a part of a community already and want a framework to organize and connect your people.
    • You’ve been wanting to introduce a form of mentorship program within your work environment, but don’t know where to start.
    • You want to start a support group for people who have a shared experience, and want to learn how to create a safe space where people feel comfortable opening up.
    • You have a digital community and want to introduce intimate offline experiences, bringing your people together in real life.
    • You’ve wanted to host regular meet-ups for a while, whether for your business or a passion project, but have no time to formulate the structure, and want a tried and tested method that works to get you started and take the stress out of that blank page.
    • You have people asking you to mentor them, or are wanting mentors of your own, and not sure how to structure that relationship.

  • What You walk away with:

    A comprehensive blueprint for starting and leading your own mentor circles.

  • What's Included:

    • The Mentor Circle Methodology I developed and use as for OKREAL circles. This is a crucial foundational tool that is KEY in cultivating the trust that makes circles successful.
    • An overview of how to identify your community and determine your participants. • The perfect number of people for circles based on years of experience and trial and error, and options for commitment and frequency.
    • The list of boundaries or ‘rules’ we use for our circles that establishes the culture you are creating within the group.
    • A step-by-step guide on how to structure your circles, right down to the minute, using the exact tried and tested structure we use for OKREAL.
    • Tips on how to lead the group effectively, encourage your participants to engage, and create harmony within the group.
    • An outline of the logistics you will need to consider, like timing, space and supplies.
    • The exact emails and wording to use when promoting your circles.
    • The questions you should ask yourself when considering whether to charge for your circles, and how we came to the decision to charge for ours.
    • The exact application form that we use for OKREAL circles, and how we curate the groups.
    • The exact script you will need as a circle leader for your 3.5 hour mentor circle.
    • The most popular themes for our circles thus far for you to use at your own circles, and questions prompts that I use frequently in the groups.
    • Downloadable worksheets, a resource list of all the platforms and software we use, and a checklist for everything you need.
    • A constantly updated FAQ module where your specific questions will be answered.
    • Access to our Facebook mentor circle group with other people who are also taking the course, connecting you to a wider community and providing a source of ongoing support as you develop your circle program.

  • The Stats:

    Still not convinced? There is a ton of research to support the range of benefits mentorship offers:
    • 71% of Fortune 500 companies have mentoring programs. (Centre for Workplace Leadership, 2016)
    • Mentees are promoted five times more often than those not in a mentoring program (Gartner 2006)
    • For CEO’s in formal mentoring programs, 84% said mentors had helped them avoid costly mistakes, 84 became proficient in their roles faster, 69% were making better decisons (Harvard Biz Review 2015).
    • Mentoring participants are 40% more likely to achieve their goals if they write them down. This increases to 70% if the goals are shared with someone to keep them accountable, such as a mentor. (McCarthy Mentoring)

  • FAQ:

    • How does this course work?
    There are 10 modules, each of which is made up of videos, slides, and worksheets. Each module is about 10 minutes to watch, but this doesn’t include the time you’ll need to complete the worksheets.
    • Do I need to do it all at once?
    You can stop the course at any time, and pick up at any time. We do recommend doing the course in the order of the modules.
    • What’s a mentor circle?
    A group of 5-7 people who are looking to uplift themselves and each other.
    • I’m sometimes asked if I can mentor people. Does this course teach me how to mentor?
    Yes. This course goes over tips on how to mentor effectively, but keep in mind we focus on how to create mentor circles as opposed to a one-on-one model mentor model. There is no fixed way to ‘be a mentor’, but we do believe in some baselines for creating space for people to share and feel heard. We go over this in the course. PS. You should invite this person who wants you to be their mentor to your first circle!
    • Why do I need this course to run circles of my own?
    You don’t! But you probably wouldn’t be here if you didn’t need some guidance. This point of this course is to give you a blueprint to get all set up, so you can get straight into building your community.
    • Do I need a community already to start mentor circles?
    Nope. This course caters to people who have no community or group, as well as those who already do. Most importantly: mentor circles are a way to start a community.
    • Do I put my mentor circle together with my friends or people who I don’t know?
    This is up to you. This course works for both people you know, or people you are recruiting who you’ve never met. If you have no community at first, you might need to pull your circle together with a few people you know, which is what we did too!
    • Can I run my circles as a business?
    You sure can. We don’t get too deep into the intricacies of setting up circles as a business (that would be an entire course within itself), but we do cover things to think about if you’re going to start charging, and how we decided to charge for our circles.
    • If I do this course, does that make me an OKREAL ambassador? Can I brand my program as OKREAL circles? We’re flattered by the support, truly! But this course teaches you how to run circles for your own community, brand or business. That said, we’d love for you to spread the word as to how you learnt your ways.
    • Am I involved in the circle, or am I just the one running it?
    Great question. This course speaks to you as if you are the group leader or guide, but talks you through how the structure differs depending on whether you’re sharing, leading, or both.
    • I want to find a mentor. Will this course teach me how to find one?
    We hope so, but perhaps not in the traditional way you might think. We don’t match you with a mentor a group or a specific mentor. This course teaches you how to gather likeminded people for a circle, and the goal is for everyone involved (including you) to find a group of people you can call mentors.
    • Do I connect with other people online to do this course?
    Everyone who purchases this course will be connected to our Facebook Mentor Circle group—so you’ll be able to connect with other people who are part of our course community. If there’s someone in the same city as you, that’s a great opportunity to connect and attend each others circles.
    • Still have questions?
    Email us at [email protected] and we’ll get back to you!



Every good thing I’ve done in life has stemmed from the people I have surrounded myself with. All of my great experiences and opportunities can be drawn back to connection: whether a job opportunity, advice that’s pushed me in the right direction, someone who’s had my back.

A huge focus of OKREAL has been to create that same sense of community and support for the people we’re serving, which is how our in-person mentor circles started. I was watching people in the crowds of our panels forge partnerships, friendships and businesses, and saw how valuable this was for the trajectory of their personal development, and how their networks were expanding. I developed a formula for mentor circles as a way to harness what was already happening—to foster an environment where our women could stand on one another’s shoulders.⁣⁣

Over the years, I watched people’s lives change after coming to OKREAL circles. Our mentor circle applications ran into the thousands. We could not accommodate everyone in person. And I kept hearing the same thing: “How can I create my OWN mentor circles?” This online course is our solution: to give our community the tools to create their own circles. To be the leaders of their own tribe.⁣⁣ I hope this serves you as much as it has served me.


“Amy created a beautiful environment where I felt comfortable and open. She asks the right questions and guides us to new discoveries. I am super grateful for the opportunity to participate and so glad I joined a Circle at the right time.”

Product Marketing Manager

“My mentor circle was everything I didn't know I needed. I came into it expecting to be surrounded by rad people, get some affirmation that I'd done the right thing in leaving my toxic job, offer support to everyone, and go on my way. What I got, was literally the universe telling me to slow down and take care of myself, and I so badly needed to hear that from these wonderfully talented, ambitious, amazing people.”

User Experience Lead

“During my mentor circle, I felt empowered to make changes that are best for me, and confident that I am on the right path. Leaving the group that morning, I felt like my gut had been recalibrate and affirmed. I am forever grateful to Amy, and the inspiring group of women I met. We only spent four hours together. And yet - in that short amount of time, we formed intimate and lasting bonds that will forever shape how I bring myself into the world.”

Managing Director of
Elementary and Middle Schools

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