Hey! I'm Amy.

I’m a community builder, coach and communication expert, and committed to giving you the courage you need to take charge of your life.

If you’re here, I’m guessing it’s because you're at a point in your life when you need clarity, support, and some guidance in the choices you’re trying to make.

You know that you want to create a life on your own terms, and you know you have the potential to do so. But perhaps you’re at a crossroads, and lacking some direction. You’re not entirely sure what you need to do and how you need to do it in order to achieve your version of success.

I get that, because I’ve been there.

In an attempt to figure out my life and carve out my own path, I moved from New Zealand to New York in my early 20s. Through years of trial and error and challenge, I've built a life that I'm proud of. For me, this looks like owning a business that allows me to do what I love, raising my two year old son, and spending time between New York and New Zealand. If you had told me this is where I'd be just 5 years ago, I would have laughed.

If you’re reading this, I suspect you’re searching for something similar: you want more out of life, and need strategies to help you there. This where I come in. My speciality is helping people skyrocket their personal growth by developing the confidence and resilience to break through barriers: no matter how much you're struggling.

I can help you create the life that you’ve always wanted, but has felt out of reach—until now. Remember: where you are now does not dictate where you could be.

My mission is to show you how to decide who you are, and to not let anyone or anything get in the way.


1:1 Mentoring 

You + Me 

45 minute session on Zoom

A concentrated session designed to give you the jumpstart you need. 

In 45 minutes, we get straight into what your core challenge, determine what’s holding you back, and identify strategies to put you in the right direction.

Post-session worksheet provided.

$300 per session. 

Group Mentoring 

You, Me + 4 others 

1 1x hour session per week on Zoom. 4 sessions total. 

In these sessions we work through a four stage process that will get your life back on track. We focus on your cornerstones of peace, purpose and power.

4x Post-session worksheets provided.

$800 flat fee. 


Tell me a bit about yourself to help guide our session.

How do I schedule my appointment?

Upon purchasing coaching, you'll receive further instructions on how to book a time for your appointment.

Can I purchase mentoring more than once?

Absolutely! If you find yourself in need of mentoring more than once, simply purchase the coaching again.

More questions?

Email us at [email protected] and we'll get back to you.