Okreal Course

This online course will help you:

  • Get grounded, get peaceful, get clear.
  • Identify and act upon your purpose.
  • Take control of your future. No more floundering.
  • Transform your self-limiting beliefs into a belief system that serves you.
  • Reclaim your power, have your own back, and stop settling for mediocrity.

If you’re here, it’s because you need a reset.

Maybe you’re not happy with the direction you’re headed in, maybe you’re burnt out, maybe you’re stuck in a rut and need something to shake you out of it.

Whatever your reason, I’ve been there.

That persistent cycle of frustration—feeling like no matter how hard you try, how hard you work—you keep hitting walls, or you make progress in one area only to completely unravel in another.

Sometimes it’s just a low-key hum of ‘you’re meant more for this’—but not knowing how to actually move forward.

The good news? This feeling usually occurs right before you’re about to undergo change. It’s a pre-emptive sign of growth that *wants* to occur. This is your intuition saying: ‘This is not the right path for you. You can do better. You need to stop back, regroup, and take action.’

And this is your invitation to listen.

And this is your invitation to listen.

I created this course because like you, I’ve experienced this feeling before—knowing that I needed to reset—but have had no idea where to start.

And so I’ve figured it out, time and time again (in the wildest of circumstances), working out strategies that deliver me into an even better position than before—and now it’s something I’m able to teach others: how to thrive when your life has been turned upside down. You do this by resetting.

My resetting resume started about 3 years ago, and I was not in a good place. Like, at all:

  • After 8 years of marriage I found myself single, with a helluva juicy story that might be a movie one day. Oh! I was 5 months pregnant at the time. Such cute timing.
  • With my life turned completely upside down, I returned abruptly to my tiny hometown in New Zealand, after 10 years in New York.
  • Lived out of a suitcase at my parent’s house. Cool.
  • Had to figure out how to run my events-based New York business from an island in the South Pacific (as a first time mother).

Want to know what I did? I took charge, used my setback as a step-up, and did a major life reset:

  • Got grounded, and forced myself to find truth and peace when my world was up in flames.
  • Decided nothing could stop me, and traveled back to New York from New Zealand starting at 8 weeks postpartum, so I could continue growing my business. I did this every few months. (I have pumped breast milk in most Manhattan Taxi cabs.)
  • Had the best year of business (that I’ve ever had).
  • Bought a house.
  • Got engaged.
  • Turned my business around in the middle of a pandemic, and continued to run it from a tiny island.

The thing is, if you’re also someone who wants more from life, and who wants more from yourself, you’ll often find yourself at a crossroads. This comes with the territory of trying to build a great life.

It’s hard, and it requires doing the work. But this is what strong women do best.


This course will give you the reset that you need, so you can go forth and do great things.

We’re going to get to the bottom of what’s getting in your way, look at the limiting beliefs you have, and transform these into a set of beliefs that will not let you down.

We’re going to help you reclaim your peace, reflect back all of the brilliant things about yourself that you’ve forgotten, and crack open a reservoir of strength that you didn’t know you had. This course packages up all of the strategies and methods I’ve used to turn my life around, big ways and small.

It includes exercises you can use to build the career of your dreams, to reconnect with yourself, to figure out where to go next when you’re stuck, and to remind yourself of how worthy you are of all of the things you want in life: and how capable you are of achieving them.

How this course works

The Real Reset is a made up of 3 pillars, each with 3 modules.

You’ll get access to videos and downloadable worksheets that will guide you each step of the way.

Learn what you need in order to define and create fulfillment for yourself—and how this works in tandem with peace.

Take a good hard look at the narrative you have going on, and whip this into shape. After all, you want to be the hero in your life—not the victim, right?

Ask yourself: what if the pain and the hardship you’re facing right now is an invitation to reassess? What if this means that there’s something better on the other side? Find a peaceful, safe place that you can retreat to when in need.

After you’ve identified the building blocks for your version of fulfilment, we’ll use that information to define your purpose. We’ll distill WHY your current challenge is worth getting through—and who you could become if you rise above.

You must pay attention to the person you were, before you grew up into who you thought you should be. Learn how your childhood holds clues for finding purpose in adulthood.

Purpose in work: something elusive for so many, yet doesn’t need to be! We look at how to weave purpose into what you do every day.

We’ll shift your perspective from your current outlook to that of your future self. This means setting goals, handling setbacks along the way, and planning for the long term.

This module is about calling your fear by its name, to its face. Learn how to manage fear so that it stops preventing you from moving forward.

Now we put this all into motion: focusing on strategies you can use to take your power back (by which I mean, remembering that it was with you all along).

Want to own 2021?

We’ve all succumbed to the lovely illusion of ’new year, new me’ before.

At some point, you’ve likely set high expectations for yourself at the start of a new year, only to find yourself in the same old place come February.


Because so often our goals focus on the external, or are based on habits that we have every intention of adopting (Gym every day! No more scrolling the gram before bed! Set up a savings account!)

We set goals without focusing on the internal shift that needs to occur in order to achieve those goals sustainably. When really: working on yourself is how you attract exactly what you want and need to build the life you want.

The Real Reset focuses on strengthening you from the inside out, so you can set goals and achieve them, for real.

Think of The Real Reset as a coaching session between you and me.

When I thought about what I wanted the Real Reset to be: I was driven by the feeling that you get after a really cathartic, motivating talk with your best friend.

I’ve structured this course so that it feels like a dynamic, personal conversation between you and me. And just like a friend would do:

I’m going to follow your progress and help you overcome challenges along the way.

I’m going to guide you through exercises, sharing worksheets that you need to fill in, and giving insights that will help bring out the best in you.

This course is super practical, and I’ve made it as jam-packed as possible, which means there’s a lot of material to get through. You’re going to need to commit to investing in yourself, and give each session as much energy as you can.


These bonus exercises may be short, but they’ve saved my butt time and time again when I start to spiral.

Use these exercises when you need to get centered, remind yourself that you’re in the driver's seat, and that you are your own best resource.
I am not the smartest, most talented person in the room—but my ability to adapt to change, to stay resilient, and to reset no matter what life throws at me: this is the foundation of my success in life. Knowing that I’ve got my own back has saved me time and time again. And this can be you, too.

Your current circumstance does not determine your future.

You can change the trajectory of your life, right now. The Real Reset will show you how.

Here's my guarantee to you:
I know this course can be life-changing, so I want you to trust the process entirely. Do the exercises, follow the steps I’m showing you, and put as much energy as you can into resetting your life.

However, if after doing all this you’re not 100% satisfied with the value you received, and you feel like your time was wasted (something I doubt will happen), get in touch with me through email, tell me your story and I will personally give you a full refund.
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“I highly recommend OKREAL to anyone who feels like they are list or at a standstill in their careers, need some life advice, a friend, some affirmation, and everything in between.”


“OKREAL offers me a sense of realness and authenticity that is relatable that other platforms and communities don't. It's inspiring but still feels attainable. Rather than make me sink more into myself, it propels me to aim higher.”

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